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The Power of Photography!

Did you know that 98% of buyers use the internet to search for their dream property?

That is why the quality of your marketing images are extremely important. Factors such as lighting, how straight an image is and the use of the correct kit can completely change what an image looks like. Particularly in comparison to using a little point and shoot or even in a lot of cases these days, a phone to take the photographs with.

1. Lighting is crucial. It brings out the best in your home and a professional will not only utilise the natural lighting but will add external flash, ensuring every corner of a room is shown to it’s absolute best. Pushing the exposure of where the natural light is flooding from, teamed with additional unnatural lighting, such as flash, is a skill to set up in itself. After all obvious shadows and contrasting dark areas are not attractive.

2. Using the right lenses can also make a huge difference. The correct wide angle lens can really give a true feeling of what the eye sees when walking into a room, helping you get a real feel for a space before actually visiting it. I say ‘correct’ wide angle lens because too many make the mistake of shooting too wide, making a room look larger than it is. False advertisement is not in the vendors favour. Along with the opposite end of the spectrum where shooting with a lens that is too narrow may lead to parts of a room being missed out or an uncomfortable crop causing a space injustice.

 Given these obvious upsides only a small percentage of properties in the North appear to be marketed using professional photography. This medium can dramatically increase the likelihood that a potential buyer will click through to the listing of your home and in turn can drive more actual viewings.

A photograph really can speak a thousand words.

Here are a few tips on how to get ready for a professional photoshoot of your home…

1.         De-clutter as much as possible. Put away washing, dishes, tea towels etc.
2.         De-personalise to a certain degree. Photos of young children that you don’t want online should be removed, along with any offensive art work (trust me I’ve seen it all)
3.         Remove any seasonal decorations I.e. last years Christmas tree, that can quickly outdate your photos.
4.         Dust and vacuum.
5.         Make all of the beds and fluff the pillows.
6.         Clean the kitchen sink, put away all the dishes and minimise kitchen surfaces.
7.         Clear all bathroom counter tops, removing personal and eye catching items such as shampoos, body washes etc.
8.        Put out fresh towels.
9.       Hide all trash cans.
10.       If there are pets, hide all food/water bowls, pet beds, and pet toys.
11.       Put all toilet seats and lids down.
12.       Replace all burned out light bulbs.
13.       For a nice, fresh touch put of some vases of fresh flowers.

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